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Good day everyone.

I am scheduling myself to post this every day for me to read. I’m inviting others to join also.

I might even post it a few times a day, God willing.

I have the favor of God.

I’m well able to do what I need to do.

God is fighting my battles for me.

I’m excited about my future.

God is bringing great people into my life.

I know He loves me, so I can love others.

I’m a victor and not a victim. I may have been defeated before, but that is the past. This is a new day and victory is a gift that Jesus gave me.

I am the head and not the tail.           

God has turned my ashes into beauty.

I will lend and not borrow.

Everything I touch will prosper and succeed.

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. God is pleased with me. He is on my side.

I live and I am not dead. God is restoring health unto me. With long life He satisfies me.                               

God is giving me home grown healthy food with no preservatives and additives.  He has blessed me with the right healthy meat to eat also.

I have the mind of Christ.

God gives me wisdom and understanding because I ask him for it in Jesus’ name, amen. Thank-you Father.    

God is guiding me to schedule exercising regularly also.

Given to us from Jesus via a Joel Osteen Blog.  (I’ve added a few lines also.)

For people who have a ministry, God has the River of Jesus’ life following from me.

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